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About Work Emirates Program

Work Emirates – is a program for young people who strive to combine well-paid work in the world wide famous companies and practice their English. The length of program is 1 year or more. The high standard of living, great salary, easy procedure of getting the visa and the opportunity to see the world – all this makes the program more and more attractive to Ukrainians.

About United Arab Emirates

Benefits of participating in the program

Main purpose of the program

Program duration
 Work in UAE

Work Emirates program offers the employment in various areas of service. The huge five-star hotel and restaurant complexes, boutiques of prestigious brands, and airlines invite to their teams many foreigners every year. However, apart from work, participants can enjoy the warm climate, spectacular views of the Arabian Gulf and innovative buildings of Asian countries.

Conditions of participation

The main condition for participation in the program, of course, is the desire to improve yourself, your level of English and discover a new country. However, there is a list of required documents and the characteristics for potential participant …

To participate in Work Emirates program you need to:
 Registration process

Participate in the Work Emirates Program you can in several ways:

  1.  Come or call one of the Student Adventure offices.
  2.  You can register on-line from the comfort of your home or work, in order to do this please complete our form.

ATTENTION! If your city does not have a Student Adventure office, and you want to join the Work Emirates program, this is not a big problem. All you need is to register on-line on our web site and a representative of Student Adventure will call you and answer all your questions and will give detailed information about participation procedure.

Step by step description of registration
 The cost of the the program and stages of payments

Each of the Work Emirates participants should make 2 payments.

First payment

Second payment