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About Work and Travel USA Program

Work and Travel – a program dedicated to students.
Work and Travel – a program for students, combining paid work and the possibility of summer vacation and traveling around the United States of America, carried out with the assistance of the US Department of State and sponsor organizations in the US that provides the program participant with work, health insurance and 24 hour assistance during his/her stay in the United States.

Benefits of participating in the program

Main purpose of the program

Program duration
Work in USA

Participating in the program Work and Travel USA, participants have the right to work in seasonal jobs without any professional guidance. Work in customer service usually does not require special skills or experience, and responsibility is limited to completing simple tasks. Students choose the place and position of work by themselves!

Places of work

Working conditions

Period of employment

Types of recruitment process

Factors that have an important influence on hiring procedure

Employers in the USA
Conditions of participation

The main condition for participation in the program, of course, is the enthusiasm for the exploration of a new country and a passion for adventures. However, there is a list of required documents and the characteristics for potential participant …

In order to participate in the program you have to:

Required documents
Types of program and their cost

There are two types of program and each participant chooses which option is best for him/her to use. The first option – Premium Placement, in this case you find a job with a help of Student Adventure. Another option – choose the program Self Placement. In this case, the participant agrees to provide an employment contract by himself/herself for the verification of Student Adventure and sponsor organization. Typically, this option is chosen by students participating in the program for a second time, or those who have friends in the United States.

Cost of the program Premium Placement - 1485$ + 6000 UAH

Cost of the program Self Placement - 1235$ + 6000 UAH

Additional fees for the Work and Travel program
Registration process

Participate in the Work and Travel Program you can in several ways:

  1.  Come or call one of the Student Adventure offices.
  2.  You can register on-line from the comfort of your home or work, in order to do this please complete our form.

ATTENTION! If your city does not have a Student Adventure office, and you want to join the Work and Travel program, this is not a big problem. All you need is to register on-line on our web site and a representative of Student Adventure will call you and answer all your questions and will give detailed information about participation procedure.

Step by step description of registration

While reading information about program, probably you have met a lot of terms that require further explanation, because each program has its own characteristics and details, which is worth to be explained. The following terms will help you to understad the information more clearly.

J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa

Sponsor organization

Application Form

DS-2019 Form

Job Offer

Job Fair

Orientation meeting

SEVIS system - Student and Exchange Visitor Information System

SSN - Social Security Number

Health insurance

I-94 Form(Arrival/departure record
Frequently asked questions

We tried to pick the most popular questions we hear every day in the office from our participants. Now, you can get an answer in our web-site!

For how long I can go to the US?

When do I need to come back to Ukraine?

Can I choose the place I will go to?

Can I go with my friends?

If I do not stick to the date of return, will ot be taken into account if I apply for another visa to the US?

Can I travel in US through the program several times?

Does Student Adventure guarantee visa approval?

Where should I pay the Visa fee?

What is SEVIS?

Where and when SEVIS fee should be paid?

Will I be interviewed before getting a visa?

What is SSN?
Can I get a permission to work in the US by myself?

Can I have a second job?
What is DS-2019 Form?

Do I need to have health insurance?

Can I extend the period of stay in the US?

What does sponsor organization mean?

Why do I need health insurance?

Is the work in the US during Work and Travel program legal?

Will I know my housing details before flying to the USA?

If you do not find an answer to the question which you are interested in, contact us via e-mail