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About Work and Travel in France

Work and Travel France is a cultural exchange program for a period of maximum 3 months and is available for full time students, aged 18 to 26 years.

This program gives the opportunity to earn money while discovering the French culture, improving French language and not of course traveling throughout France.

About France
Benefits of participating in the program
Main purpose of the program
Program duration
Work in France

Job offer could come from anywhere in France. Most jobs are related with hotel and restaurant sphere. There are also positions in various resorts and in sales. The student who participates in the program writes a cover letter which is sent to the sponsor and employer – commonly, they try to take into account the wishes of the student described in this letter.

Places of work
Spoiler title
Period of work
Conditions of participation

The main condition for participation in the program, of course, is the desire to improve the level of French language and discover the culture and traditions of France. However, there is a list of required documents and the characteristics the participant

In order to participate in the program you have to:
Required documents
Types of program and their cost

The program is offered to students in 2 ways: with CEI housing service and without it. Depending on the option the price differs.

Program cost with CEI housing service - € 1250 + 9000 грн
Program cost without CEI housing service - € 1110 + 9000 грн
Additional fees for the Work and Travel France program
Registration process

Participate in the Work and Travel France Program you can in several ways:

  1. Come or call one of the Student Adventure offices.
  2. You can register on-line from  your home or work, in order to do this please complete our form.

ATTENTION! If your city does not have a Student Adventure office, and you want to join the Work and Travel France program, this is not a big problem. All you need is to register on-line on our web site and a representative of Student Adventure will call you and answer all your questions. We will give you a detailed information about participation procedure.

Step by step description of registration