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About the Internship USA Program

This is a program that allows foreign students (or recent graduates) live and work in the United States. It combines paid work on a specialty and the opportunity to rest and travel around the United States. The program is carried out with the support and sponsorship of the State Department of the USA, which provides the program’s work, health insurance and round the clock support line during participant’s stay in the States.

Benefits of participating in the program
Main purpose of the program
Program duration
Work in the US

Participants work due to a structured training plan designed to improve their academic strengths based on the introduction of American methods and practical business opportunities to expand their knowledge in the field of specialization. Participants will also acquire advanced skills in English and understand American culture.

 Conditions of participation

The main condition for participation in the program, of course, is the enthusiasm for the exploration of a new country and a passion for new experience. However, there is a list of required documents and the characteristics for potential participant …

In order to participate in the program you have to:
Types of program and their cost

There are two types of program and each participant chooses which option is best for him/her to use. The first option – Premium Placement, in this case you find a job with a help of Student Adventure. Another option – choose the program Self Placement. In this case, the participant agrees to provide an employment contract by himself/herself for the verification of Student Adventure and sponsor organization. Typically, this option is chosen by students participating in the program for a second time, or those who have friends in the United States.

The program cost Premium Placement - $ 2095 + 6000 UAH + 60$ per month for health insurance
The Program cost Self Placement differs depending on sponsor and position
Additional fees for the Internship USA program

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