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About AU Pair Germany

Au-pair program givaes participants a chance to live with German family in daily life. This program  is for young people who want to live in a foreign country and become familiar with unique features of German culture.

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Main purpose of the program

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About Au Pair stay in a host family

The program offers accommodation in German families that were pre-selected and passed an interview with our German partners.
Our partner mainly focus on personal relationship with Au-pair. During the stay our staff will help Au-pair with any questions or difficulties. There are several annual meetings for Au-Pairs, so participants can exchange experience and information.
Our partners in Germany get acquainted with a host family and attend personally Au-pair in the first month after the arrival. Alsom they regularly communicate by phone with a participant.

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Responsibilities of the participant

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Conditions of participation

The main condition for participation in the program, of course, is the enthusiasm for the exploration of a new country and a passion for adventures. However, there is a list of required documents and the characteristics for potential participant …

In order to participate in the program you have to:

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 Cost of Au Pair Program in Germany

Conventionally, the cost of the program is shared between the participant and the host family. Please note that many factors depend on the host family.

Payment for accommodation in the family:

The cost of the trip:

Cost of language courses:



Continuation of visa / residence and work permit: