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International SIM card

If you are traveling to the US and want to save on mobile communication, the best option is 4G USA SIM card. Go to the link as soon as you arrive make calls and write SMS at local rates that are very competitive.


USA 4G SIM tariff has two convenient options, both with unlimited calls and messages in the country. Tariff Unlimited Plus-best option of 1 GB of ultra-fast 4G data.


You will need the serial number of Your SIM Card (printed on SIM-card) to activate the card. To do this you have two ways:

-Go to – pay attention, you need to enter the serial number of Your Sim card for activation.
-Call 154 on arrival in the US.

Once you activate your card you will get your phone number which will begin on 1, you can choose a PIN-code for your account, add credit to purchase minutes or Internet traffic.
Credit balance on your USA 4G SIM card expire 30 days from the date of activation. Minutes, SMS and Internet traffic will end 30 days after purchase.