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Summer, the sun, cold Frappuccino and unforgettable evening parties; Continuous packing of suitcase and thought “Will I not be overweight of the suitcase”; Communication with interesting people who have become like your relatives; +100 friends on facebook. First earned money by yourself; A bunch of new impressions from what you saw and heard; And every morning, one thought: – “I don’t want to come the moment when I’m going to land on the plane and get back because it’s so COOL!” All this can easily be described by 3 words – Work and Travel. This is what the students who came to the Student Adventure office last year are experiencing wright now.

Work and Travel is a unique experience that would never been repeated. This is the first impression and awareness that you can more that you think; That things that seemed unrealistic to you – are now quite achievable. This is an experience that makes you believe in yourself and do not stop at the accomplishment. This will surely be confirmed by the thousands of people who visited the United States as participants of the program Work and Travel!

So, we suggest that you take the 1st step towards the realization of your dream and the next summer, to be on the spot of those students who are now in the United States. Student Adventure is pleased to inform you that from the 1st of August we start the Work and Travel 2018 season! According to good tradition, we start the season with the action – Early registration, under which you can save a lot on the cost of the program.

So, if you’ll register on period:

1.08 – 10.08 – you get a discount of -75% for the first payment, that is 750 UAH!

11.08 – 20.08 – you get a discount of -50% for the first payment, that is 1500 UAH!

20.08 – 31.08 – you get a discount of -25% on the first payment, that is, 2250 UAH!

We will be glad to wait for you!