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Job opportunities abroad – a topic that always generates interest and association with the ability to express yourselve. Also, this is a chance to enrich your resume with the point which attracts employers’ attention regardless of the area in which you worked, and the area where you plan to build your further career.

Among the 10 candidates for the position of manager, the advantage will have the one who worked as a waiter in Qatar. You think these things are not connected to each other? – Not at all! After all, the man who, for example, went to Qatar to work  showed an openness to new opportunities, took a risk and was not afraid of stressful situations. These qualities are the key ones in any job today.

With the help of Student Adventure, you could find attractive job offers in the USA, Qatar and the United Arab Emirites. The geography of our partners slowly and steadily expands and the numbver of employers who are in need of Ukrainian workers impress by its diversity.

Typically, the work for Ukrainian young people is offered in customer service sector. However, it is not only contracts for waiters and bartenders in prestigious hotel and restaurant complexes. The leading resorts in eastern countries are famous for the fact that within a complex they have own restaurants, gyms, hotels, travel agencies, swimming pools and so on. So often we get the contracts for such positions as chef of cuisine, fitness instructors, hostesses, waiters, reception staff and lifeguards at swimming pools.

You can not wait to learn more? Choose a country and get acquainted with the opportunities which are waiting for you!

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